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25-Aug-2020 23:56

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However, with the advent of Skype and other video calling applications, cybersex has become more visual, and hiding one's identity is not an option.

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"People are becoming jealous of computers," said Kimberly Young, a University of Pittsburgh psychologist and author of a book on cyber addiction called "Caught in the Net." A middle-age Florida couple that Young interviewed had discovered the Internet was interfering with their 20- year marriage.

"Our study will be the most definitive to date on cybersex," said Cooper, who plans to post results next month. Cooper hoped to get 1,000 valid responses in a few months. Although Cooper delves into the innermost secrets of his clients, he is reluctant to talk about himself.

The slight, bearded therapist nervously fidgets in his spare, second-floor Stanford University office when the conversation turns to his personal life.

But if you want to find out more about G- spots, you don't have to ask anyone.

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Just surf the Web." Cooper says the Net is a valuable resource for those who are looking for information on AIDS, birth control and homosexuality. Some men and women exhibit sexually compulsive traits while online, Cooper says.Porn sites helped usher in technical advances, such as broader bandwidth to transmit images and secure credit-card systems. "The Net provides the three A's: access, affordability and anonymity," Cooper said.