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The group uses a mapping system that allows them to follow and track their search patterns on the land.Niehans said his team was not working with Buckeye authorities in this case, but it has been tapped by various agencies in the past for assistance.According to Lauderdale’s friend and spokeswoman, Jaime Medina, she and Lauderdale reached out to Arizona Extreme Terrain Search and Rescue to comb an area where Jesse was known to have frequented.“The goal is to find closure for the family,” said Fredrick Niehans, owner of the non-profit rescue team, sharing that they are focusing on a strategy to recover a body at this time, rather than finding Jesse alive.“It’s a really hard three-month time period to be lost out in the desert.You have to look at things statistically and how Arizona weather works,” Niehans said.| Date last seen: June 9, 2015 | Race: White | Sex: Female | Height: 63 to 65 inches | Weight 175 to 185 pounds | Alexis Miller was last seen in the area of 67th Avenue and Mc Dowell Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Gabriel Scott Johnson, 8-months-old | City: Tempe, Ariz. 27, 2009 | Race: White | Sex: Male | Height: 24 inches | Weight: 20 pounds | Gabriel Scott Johnson was abducted by his mother, Elizabeth Johnson, on Dec. Johnson was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida on December 30 2009, and found guilty of unlawful imprisonment, custodial interference and conspiracy to commit custodial interference. They may still be in the local area or they may travel to Las Vegas, Nevada or Mexico. A federal warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution was issued for Anabel on Sept. Kristopher Charles Loesch, 10 | City: Tucson, Ariz. 31, 2000 | Race: White | Sex: Male | Height: 60 inches | Weight: 100 pounds | Kristopher Charles Loesch disappeared from his school in Spokane, Washington, on August 31, 2000 but was last known to be in the Pima County, Arizona area. 2, 1999 | Race: White | Sex: Female | Height: 56 inches | Weight: 65 pounds | Mikelle Diane Biggs was last seen on her bicycle at approximately 4 p.m. She was wearing a red shirt with a white stripe across the chest and blue jeans with designs on the sides. He was last seen in the desert outside of Bullhead City, Ariz. She has dark brownish-black hair and her right front tooth is larger than her other teeth. 28, 1981 | Race: White | Sex: Male | Height: 59 inches | Weight: 100 pounds | Brian R. | Date last seen: April 27, 1979 | Race: White | Sex: Male | Height: 54 inches | Weight: 70 pounds | Randy Doyle Parscale Jr. Her nickname is "Cindy." Robert Raymond Parks, 13 | City: Mesa, Ariz. 1, 1974 | Race: White | Sex: Male | Height: 66 inches | Weight: 120 pounds | Robert Raymond Parks was last seen as he left his home in Mesa on Jan. Phoenix had the most, with 18 children reported missing.I’m confident they would investigate anything credible, but the problem is that nobody has any information. I count it as a failure when we find them no longer alive.”Niehans said the search for Jesse is paused, as they have run out of money.It’s just frustrating that they are not working closely with the search-and-rescue team.”Niehanus said he found his calling in search and rescue after he lost his own son four years ago to heart failure.“I know what it’s like to lose a child,” he said. So I do everything I can do within my ability to help bring closure to them.”"We’ve been 50-50,” Niehans said about his team’s record in locating missing persons. Medina is working with Lauderdale to fundraise money that will go toward funding the search team and to assist in legal resources for Lauderdale to reinstate her rights to be in contact with Jesse's twin sister and older brother. 11 large-scale search by authorities focusing on areas in a 5- to 10-square-mile radius of Jesse’s house, it appears active law-enforcement-directed searches have stopped.“We want the public to know that we have not dropped this investigation," said. The search for Jesse continues in a private investigation that began last weekend by a team hired by Jesse’s biological grandmother, Cynthia Lauderdale.

"We are actively investigating all leads at this time."Weeks said detectives on Thursday followed up on tips they received on a tip line set up for Jesse.“Unfortunately at this time, there is nothing new to share,” he said.

“It’s likely he died in the first two or three days.”The team and Medina decided not to disclose the specific location of their searches, the same policy generally used by authorities since Jesse’s disappearance.

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